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Hello everyone, I was working with my Arduino when it stopped working: probably my analog pin A0, set as INPUT, had received a too high voltage, but I'm not sure. How can I discover if my Nano is fried?

The project was easy: I wired a mouse wheel to analog pin A0, alimenting it with 5V (using Nano 5V pin). The sketch is composed of an infinite loop which reads the A0 analog value and prints it on serial.
Initially everything went ok, but when I tried to rotate the wheel the Arduino stopped working, an error has occurred into Arduino IDE (I haven't recognised it, I closed everything thinking it was nothing of important) and the L led started blinking too fast. The serial port disappeared from the menu bar, and the reset button was not working.

Now every time I wire the Arduino to my PC it starts blinking TX and RX a few times repeatedly, then starts blinking the L led, and it never stops. It's a too fast blink frequency.

I tried:

  • using a different usb port -> didn't worked

  • rebooting my PC -> didn't worked

  • using a different PC -> didn't worked

  • pressing reset button while the Arduino was off or on or powering on

It seems that the PC can't see/recognise it.
I hope someone can help me, thanks in advance.



Might not be what you want to hear...

All you can do now is to try a different arduino and see if it works.

I have done something similar and fried the second arduino too; so be careful.


It seems that the Arduino could not work when connected to the PC via USB. So I bought a usb-uart converter and once connected to the +5 V pin, GND, TX and RX the arduino works without problems. The only flaw is that the auto-reset does not work, you need to hold the reset button before loading the new sketch and release it when loading begins.

Thanks anyway CARLW!

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