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hi, i'm new, i have a question about controlling arduino with an external sever:
i'v been searched on the web and on the forum, but nothing
i've created a webpage where i can virtually control some relay to power on and off fans, light, sound system... but for now it's all virtual.
i have a server with ubuntu server installed on, and a wifi modem.
i read about connecting arduino, by usb to the server (and adding a 33uF capacitor on 2 pins, but i don't remember what) and loading webpages and others from that pc.
i hope that this is possible, because i rellay want to use arduino galileo, for it's speed (there are a lot of function that arduino has to do in this project) whitout arduino etherent shield.
if it's needed i can also upload my website.
sorry for my bad english and thanks for help.


i have a question about controlling arduino with an external sever:

What is an external sever?

A client asks questions. A server supplies answers. The server does NOT push answers. It sounds like you want to server to push information to the Arduino. It can't.
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Look a few threads under this. Arduino Visual can connect to the external URL page where you get variables or command which you can run on your Arduino.  Look at URL action : http://www.simasek.com/index.php/8-arduino-visual/tutorials/13-visualization-actions and time scheduler tutorial on project page. You can write your own script on your page for data get which will be called in one second period for example.

Any  feedback for project will be good.


hi, thanks for the answers, for extrnal server, i mean a pc, used as a server, i thinked that a usb to serial converter was ok to send users's comands to arduino due/galileo.
i press a button form the website, the server "send" this value to an usb port, and arduino "do" it, i saw this system runnging from an sd card, but can arduino work on css and javasacript? my frist answer was not, so i decided to use this external server, also to manage 2 video streams.
i found something online, but now, it's impossible to find that page again, i'll continue serching.
trhanks for help and for answers.


thanks all for helping me, i found this http://studioarduino.wordpress.com/2013/01/15/arduino-via-server-web/
is in italian, but i can traduce you if necessari, thanks again

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