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Author Topic: winbond 1740 voice module  (Read 398 times)
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I need to make a Winbond 1740 voice recording kit ( which I already have ) react to a BCD  number from 1 to 9 ( parallel 4 pins ) .

The kit has a SPI connector.

There is a momentary valid transmission from the ( Holtek HT12D ) decoder chip when it receives a number from one of 9 checkout points, ( along with the 4 data bits representing the BCD number for the checkout.)

I need the voice chip to announce which checkout is calling ( I have a visual indicator of the number but need voice too )

I have found quite a few older postings when I search for Winbond in the forum, but I think this might be way too complicated for me, unless there is a library somewhere that I can call up .
I am a newbie ( I got my Arduino 3 weeks ago ) and have only made one project so far, a  simple cnc machine using the AFmotor library, and the mechanism stripped from a flatbed plotter, which was very satisfying.

Can anyone recall a similar voice project that I can modify?


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