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Hi to all,

currently i'm working on an airship project and ive selected Ardupilot(which is a customised autopilot) board meant for RC aircrafts and not an indoor Blimp. The Ardupilot board seems too complicated for me as a starter.

I'm actually need a reccommendation of a simple Arduino board that would allow me to send DC motor control commands through PWM and be able to interface/integrade with XBees(wireless telemetry) and other external sensors.

I hope someone can suggest me a board thats capable of handling all that asap ! Will be much appreciated


Any of the Arduino variants would be usable. One that can accept shields will make it easier to attach an XBee, using an XBee shield.
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The Arduino Duemilanove is usually the best place to start as all the standard shields are designed to piggy back directly to it including xBee and motor shields.

I have had good luck with using the EasyDriver shield for motor control.

To be honest I think it would be a lot easier to use the Ardupilot rather than cobble together an equivalent.

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