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I am trying to use the Seeedstudio Bluetooth shield, starting with the reference code they supplied. I hit a snag when they utilized SoftwareSerial, which it now appears is not provided for by the Due. The shield does permit use of Arduino pins D0 and D1 for the serial interaction, and my understanding right now is that these are connected to a UART in the Due. Can someone explain, or point me to directions, on how to use these pins the way SoftwareSerial would have been used? Specifically, what class I need to use instead of SoftwareSerial? I note with some uneasiness that HardwareSerial also does not appear to be an available core library for Due projects, so I'm hoping there is some other way I can used TX0/RX0 with the Bluetooth shield. Any help appreciated.

The shield does run on 3.3V, so that's apparently not going the be a problem.

Please understand that this is my first Arduino project, so I'm starting from a position of ignorance.

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