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Hello everybody. I have arduino duemilanove, bipolar stepper motor with 4 output wires and H-bridge that I made on a breadboard with 4 NPNs. Could somebody please explain me how could I, using things that i have, at least make this motor move.


It may not even be possible, with what you have. Post a complete description of the parts and a circuit diagram.


Stepper motor is from an old floppy drive and the only thing that is written on it is 3825C1146 and it has 4 pins. I don't know how to make circuit diagram "sketch" on PC, but I have made H-bridge on breadboard with 4 NPNs and 4 diodes and 4 * 10k ohm resistor which are controling base current and I'm controling transistor over pins 3, 9, 10, 11. 


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You need to do a bit of googling. Evidently, you are unaware that  you need two H-bridges to control a four wire stepper motor. Furthermore it is extremely difficult to build a functioning H-bridge with only NPN transistors. Usually, two PNP transistors are used in addition to the NPN transistors.

As for asking questions of the forum, here are a couple of starters:
There are tens of thousands of different types of NPN transistors. Which ones do you have?
Without a schematic or a clear photo of your setup, how are we supposed to know that you wired everything correctly? If you don't know how to draw a schematic, follow one that you find online exactly, and give a link to it.
What is the resistance of the motor coils?


Hi, you can draw a circuit diagram and photograph it, if you have those facilities, a phone camera can do a great job of copying from A4 sized paper.

But I agree with previous posts, NPN to make a H bridge is hard to visualise, also you will need to power the stepper motor separately to the arduino.

Tom..... hope to get you on the right track ..   :)
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joe mcd

Save yourself all the headaches and get a stepper controller breakout board:


If you just want to get started with steppers this is the cheapest alternative and surprizingly effective provided you do not need high speed.
5-wire unipolar 28BYJ-48 with ULN2003


I got myself L293NE (http://datasheet.octopart.com/L293NE-Texas-Instruments-datasheet-8627554.pdf), but i don't know how to connect it all together. Could anyone give me some advice?


joe mcd

I got myself L293NE

Go ahead and use it if you must.    You should understand that true stepper controllers are much more effective with 2 phase motors, providing both improved microstepping and better torque.

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