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Author Topic: Distance measurers comparision  (Read 2743 times)
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Recently I organized a comparison table for distance measurer which are popular items.

Bosch GLR825  : Range: 825-feet (251m); Accuracy: 1/25-Inch (1  mm)]
Leica 7500i   : Range: 650-feet (200m); Accuracy: <1/16Inch (1  mm)
Leica DISTO D8: Range: 650-feet (200m); Accuracy: 1/25-Inch (1  mm)
Stanley TLM330: Range: 330-feet (100m); Accuracy: 1/32-Inch (1  mm)
Leica E7400x  : Range: 265-feet (80m) ; Accuracy: 1/25-Inch (1  mm) ;
Bosch GLM80   : Rnage: 265-feet (80m) ; Accuracy: 1/16-Inch (1.5mm) ;
Leica DISTO D2: Range: 197-feet (60m) ; Accuracy: 1/16-Inch (1.5mm)
Bosch DLR130K : Range: 130-feet (50m) ; Accuracy: 1/16-Inch (1.5mm)
DEWALT DW030P : Range: 100-feet (30m) ; Accuracy: 1/8 -Inch (3  mm)
Prexiso iC4   : Range: 66-feet  (20m) ; Accuracy: 1/8 -Inch (3  mm)

The above are the basic comparison , and you can see more in my rangfinderguide blog . WBD may help searching good deals for rangefinders.
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interesting info,
which can be connected to an Arduino? Can you mark them in your list as that would be REALLY interesting smiley-wink

update - bookmarked

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