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Hi guys,
Im new to arduino, and I want to control my servos/motors using the wii motion plus gyroscope.

Unfortunately the servo is not moving at all.
Any ideas how I can get that fixed?



setup looks like this:

and that's the code I'm using:
Code: [Select]
//Trapezoid or Runge-kutta 4th order integration program of wm+

#include <Streaming.h>
#include <Wire.h>
#include <Servo.h>

Servo yawServo;
Servo pitchServo;

int yawServoVal;
int pitchServoVal;

#define steps_per_deg_slow 20
#define steps_per_deg_fast 4

byte data[6];          //six data bytes
int yaw, pitch, roll;  //three axes
int yaw0, pitch0, roll0;  //calibration zeroes
int time, last_time;
float delta_t;
int last_yaw[3], last_pitch[3], last_roll[3];
float yaw_deg, pitch_deg, roll_deg;
int yaw_deg2, pitch_deg2, roll_deg2;
int startTag=0xDEAD;
int accel_x_axis, accel_y_axis, accel_z_axis;

void wmpOn(){
 Wire.beginTransmission(0x53);    //WM+ starts out deactivated at address 0x53
 Wire.send(0xfe);                 //send 0x04 to address 0xFE to activate WM+
 Wire.endTransmission();          //WM+ jumps to address 0x52 and is now active

void wmpSendZero(){
 Wire.beginTransmission(0x52);    //now at address 0x52
 Wire.send(0x00);                 //send zero to signal we want info

void calibrateZeroes(){
 for (int i=0;i<10;i++){
   for (int i=0;i<6;i++){
   yaw0+=(((data[3]>>2)<<8)+data[0])/10;        //average 10 readings for each zero
 Serial.print("  Pitch0:");
 Serial.print("  Roll0:");

void receiveData(){
 wmpSendZero();                   //send zero before each request (same as nunchuck)
 Wire.requestFrom(0x52,6);        //request the six bytes from the WM+
 for (int i=0;i<6;i++){
 if(bitRead(data[3], 1)==1) yaw=(((data[3]>>2)<<8)+data[0]-yaw0)/steps_per_deg_slow;        //see http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Wiimote/Extension_Controllers#Wii_Motion_Plus
 else yaw=(((data[3]>>2)<<8)+data[0]-yaw0)/steps_per_deg_fast;
 if(bitRead(data[3], 0)==1) pitch=(((data[4]>>2)<<8)+data[1]-pitch0)/steps_per_deg_slow;    //for info on what each byte represents
 else pitch=(((data[4]>>2)<<8)+data[1]-pitch0)/steps_per_deg_fast;
 if(bitRead(data[4], 1)==1) roll=(((data[5]>>2)<<8)+data[2]-roll0)/steps_per_deg_slow;
 else roll=(((data[5]>>2)<<8)+data[2]-roll0)/steps_per_deg_fast;

float trapIntegrate(int y2, int y1, float deltax){
 float area=0;
 return area;

float rk4Integrate(int y4, int y3, int y2, int y1, float deltax){
 float area=0;
 return area;

void setup()
 Serial.println("WM+ Tuning People Bot Control");
 wmpOn();                        //turn WM+ on
 calibrateZeroes();              //calibrate zeroes
 pinMode(4, INPUT);

void loop(){
 receiveData();                  //receive data and calculate yaw pitch and roll
 /* Runge-kutta 4th Order Integration */
 yaw_deg+=rk4Integrate(yaw, last_yaw[0], last_yaw[1], last_yaw[2], delta_t);
 pitch_deg+=rk4Integrate(pitch, last_pitch[0], last_pitch[1], last_pitch[2], delta_t);
 roll_deg+=rk4Integrate(roll, last_roll[0], last_roll[1], last_roll[2], delta_t);
 /* Runge-kutta 4th Order Integration */
 if (digitalRead(4) == 1)
   yaw = 0;
   pitch = 0;
   roll = 0;
   yaw_deg = 0;
   pitch_deg = 0;
   roll_deg = 0;

 yawServoVal = map(yaw_deg, -90, 90, 0, 179);
 if (yawServoVal < 0){yawServoVal = 0;};
 if (yawServoVal > 179){yawServoVal = 179;};
 pitchServoVal = map(pitch_deg, -90, 90, 0, 179);
 if (pitchServoVal < 60){pitchServoVal = 60;};
 if (pitchServoVal > 179){pitchServoVal = 179;};


Where's your test sketch to prove the servo works?
What does your debug output look like?
Does it look like you're passing the right sort of values to the servos?
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How about the external power supply, are you running it with the USB-power only?

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the servo is working. I now tested it on an 12V battery, still not working :(


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. I now tested it on an 12V battery

What sort of servo is it?
Most R/C servos are 6V.

Do the debug prints look sensible?
i.e. do they gives servo angles in the right sort of range?

I've got to say, R-K wouldn't be my first attempt at an Arduino programming project
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Thanks guys, it's a 4.8V servo.
I still get no output at all:(
Any ideas? The wii m+ is working!


What does your debug output look like?
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Maybe you need external power for the servo. It's most likely not working because it is drawing more mA's than Arduino can provide.


I'm no longer using a servo.
I just want the values for each axis to appear in the serial monitor.

Anybody wants to do that for me (incl. servo-out)? Will pay you!  ;)


Nobody? :'(
Would be REALLY helpful!


Would be really helpful TO POST YOUR DEBUG PRINT OUTPUT
"Pete, it's a fool looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart." Ulysses Everett McGill.
Do not send technical questions via personal messaging - they will be ignored.


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In your code I found this line:
Code: [Select]

In your serial window I see 19200 baud.

Make these equal to each other and tell us what happens.


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