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Ok, so I recently have gotten back into tinkering with my arduino stuff and am wanting to get back into displaying information on LCDs.  I ordered one of the Sainsmart 3.2" LCDs recently and am waiting on that to come in, but while digging through some of my old parts and such in the closet I came across a 7" LCD I bought a few years ago that was originally intended for my carputer project.

It's a VGA / S-Video display, but it's been so long since I bought it I can't really find any information about it.  The main video controller on the controller board though is a RTD2662 chip.  I found this pdf for that display controller: http://monitor.espec.ws/files/rtd2662_spec_brief_0702_171.pdf

It's also got a resistive touch on it, and there must be an audio chip on the controller somewhere as well because it has audio inputs and buttons  on the button board for volume up and down.

It's got this chip on there as well although I'm not sure of the purpose of it: http://www.simkits.com/downloads/documents/CY7C63743.pdf

So do you guys think it would be possible to do something with this with an arduino?  I'm not sure what else I will do with a 7" vga lcd lol.  My carputer idea got upgraded to a capacitive touch screen so I don't need it for that project anymore, and all of my small system boards (cubieboard, raspberry pi, etc) are HDMI output.  The raspberry pi has an S-Video out, but I didn't have any luck getting that to work, not sure why really, haven't investigated it a whole lot.

I'm hoping maybe there are some libraries that I could modify, and hints somewhere that I could use to play around with this as an arduino interface.


I think you'd be better off trying to get that screen working with a RaspPi really,
video isn't something the Arduino is upto (not that you can't drive VGA, but you can't get
full resolution in colour).

The Cypress chip presumably allows a PS2 keyboard to appear as USB to the host
computer, the video processor / microcontroller is to provide on-screen display and
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Ah, ok thanks for the feedback.

I've got a few x86 atom boards laying around, maybe I'll just try to do something with it on one of those.  They aren't THAT much bigger than a Pi hehe, I'm sure I can find something to do with them.

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