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im new to this, I have written examples in a book onto the screen and pressed upload. other than that I don't understand a lot of what is going on.
please could someone explain a list of basic things to do to get the 3.2tft working and displaying basic text. so far I have only been able to open and example and get it to run.
I cant find a book that makes sense. how do other people learn this stuff. I don't want to copy and paste everything but nothing seems to make sense. where I have tried to upload examples there is always some problem. I search for the answer on the internet and find a whole bunch of different answers. neither of which make any sense or explain things.
at the moment I have a book called getting started with sketches. its ok I guess but I cant say I have learnt anything or feel any better about writing things.
so if anyone could point me toward a good starting point I would appreciate it.


Google  "Henning Karlsen utft", he has done a lot with them.
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Copying and pasting is actually a really good way to learn. Once you get any sketch working, you can then make minor changes to see what it does. You can learn little by little this way. Just look through the sketch until you find a bit that you think you understand, then change it slightly. Change the colors, or add drawing a line, or change the text.

Other than that, a beginner's C book is probably the best way to start. Sketches are all written in C++, and many only use the C parts of C++.
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