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is it possible to read arduinos erial data with pc and post it to google spreadsheet without using arduino lan module..?


E.g.: http://playground.arduino.cc/interfacing/processing


now this code is working fine, it read serial port what arduino sends analogRead(1) and puts it google spreadsheet:)
my question is how to make more analogread cells to spreadsheet

Code: [Select]
import com.google.gdata.client.spreadsheet.*;
import com.google.gdata.data.*;
import com.google.gdata.data.spreadsheet.*;
import com.google.gdata.util.*;
import java.net.URL;
import processing.serial.*;
String uname = "xxx";  //Your google account user name
String pwd = "xxx";  //Your google account password
String spreadsheet_name = "sensorlog";  //Name of the spreadsheet you want to write data to.  Must match exactly, including case.
int spreadsheet_idx = 0; //Index for the "sensor log spreadsheet
Serial port;  // Create object from Serial class
int oldTime;  //timer variable
int reportingInterval = 2000;  //Number of miliiseconds between when sensor data is recorded
// Sends the data to the spreadsheet
void transmitData(float val) {
  String date = day() + "/" + month() + "/" + year();  //Build the current date
  String time = hour() + ":" + minute() + ":" + second(); //Build the current time
  try {
     //Create a new row with the name value pairs
     ListEntry newEntry = new ListEntry();   
     newEntry.getCustomElements().setValueLocal("date", date);
     newEntry.getCustomElements().setValueLocal("time", time);
     newEntry.getCustomElements().setValueLocal("reading", Float.toString(val));
     //Write it out to the google doc
     URL listFeedUrl = worksheet.getListFeedUrl();
     ListEntry insertedRow = service.insert(listFeedUrl, newEntry);
  } catch (Exception e) {
     println(e.getStackTrace());  }  }
void setup() {
  //Set up the serial port to read data
  //This code comes from example 11-8 of Getting Started with Processing
  String arduinoPort = Serial.list()[1];
  port = new Serial(this, arduinoPort, 9600);
  oldTime = millis();
  //Set up the google spreadsheet
  service = new SpreadsheetService("test");
  try {
     service.setUserCredentials(uname,  pwd);
     // Search for the spreadsheet named we're looking for
     // Note that according to the documentation you should be able to include the key in the URL, but I
     // was unable to get this to work.  It looked like there was a bug report in.
     // As a work around, this code pulls a list of all the Spreadheets in your acocunt and searches for the
     // one with the matching name.  When it finds it, it breaks out of the loop and the index is set
     URL feedURL = new URL("http://spreadsheets.google.com/feeds/spreadsheets/private/full/");   
     SpreadsheetFeed feed = service.getFeed(feedURL, SpreadsheetFeed.class);
     for (SpreadsheetEntry entry: feed.getEntries()) {
       if (entry.getTitle().getPlainText().equals(spreadsheet_name) ) {
       spreadsheet_idx += 1;
     //Fetch the correct spreadsheet
     SpreadsheetEntry se = feed.getEntries().get(spreadsheet_idx); //Fetch the spreadsheet we want
     worksheet = se.getWorksheets().get(0);  //Fetch the first worksheet from that spreadsheet
     println("Found worksheet " + se.getTitle().getPlainText());
   } catch (Exception e) {
//Reads the port everye few seconds and sends the data back to Google
void draw() {
  float val = port.read();
  if (port.available() > 0) { // If data is available,
    val = port.read();        // read it and store it in val
  //Determine if we need to report the level
  if ((millis() - oldTime) > reportingInterval) {
    oldTime = millis();
background(0); // Set background to black
  // Draw the letter to the center of the screen
    text(port.read(), 50, 50);

how to add arduino example code serialcallresponse to my working code there are arrays..
Code: [Select]
int firstSensor = 0;    // first analog sensor
int secondSensor = 0;   // second analog sensor
int thirdSensor = 0;    // digital sensor
int inByte = 0;         // incoming serial byte

void setup()
{  // start serial port at 9600 bps:
  while (!Serial) {
    ; // wait for serial port to connect. Needed for Leonardo only
  establishContact();  // send a byte to establish contact until receiver responds
void loop()
{  // if we get a valid byte, read analog ins:
      inByte = Serial.read();
    // read first analog input, divide by 4 to make the range 0-255:
    firstSensor = analogRead(0);
    // delay 10ms to let the ADC recover:
    // read second analog input, divide by 4 to make the range 0-255:
    secondSensor = analogRead(1);
    // read  switch, map it to 0 or 255L
    thirdSensor = analogRead(2);
    // send sensor values:
void establishContact() {
  while (Serial.available() <= 0) {
    Serial.print('A');   // send a capital A
    delay(300);  }}


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Hi mortenx ,

stupid question :
the code example above (not the one into the arduino), you make it running in processing ?
where are all the library available ?

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