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Anyone have a picture of how to hook up the lis302dl to my arduino mega, or where every pin goes.

So far I can only see that 4 pins are being used, 2 for power and the other to for communication. What do I do with the other pins?


"Pete, it's a fool looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart." Ulysses Everett McGill.
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I got the LCD working, and it keeps reading out "setting up..." and never changes.

I put VCC to 3v
SCL to Analog 4
MOSI to Analog 5
MISO to 5v
CS to 5v

I think that the MOSI and SCL are never read or something... everyone says the code works though.

I didn't use any pull-up resistors. How do you attach the pull up resistors? Just put them is series to the inputs/ to ground?

Help! Thanks!


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Hi. I was wondering if anyone has gotten the LIS302DL to work with flash (I'm currently using SerProxy and as3Glue to communicate with the Arduino). I've gotten the accelerometer to work under the Arduino environment, but am unsure of how to get it to communicate with flash.



It didn't work on my arduino and accelerometer. I bought the sparkfun LIS302DL with breakout.

Connect wires as below:
VCC to 3v
GND to gnd
SCLK to anolog 5
MOSI to anolog 4
CS to 3v

The result in serial monitor shown status register was 0 and xyz was 65:15:0. When I rotated it to certain angle it would became 0:0:0

But I am sure this is not the correct result. Does anyone have the same issue using this code?


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Hi guys, sorry for the thread necromany on this topic, however I'm encountering the exact same problem as the poster above me.

Status register is reading as 0x00, implying that there is no new data available and the three output registers for the x:y:z axes read 65:15:0

I'm assuming there is a fault condition somewhere, that the data is reading implies this fault is outwith the communication protocol itself.

any help would be greatly appreciated

edited to add: infact, no matter what register I try to read, the serial monitor always displays 65:15:0....

Infact, I further tested this device by changing the device adress to something random, the idea being that if were the incorrect address, it would at least be easy to spot, since logically the devices shouldn't communicate. What I got? still 65:15:0

update: well, there was one fault in my code, in so much as I'd put the line regarding readGood outside of the last if loop for the z axis read, when put in the proper place I am reading as getting no data.

Got access to an oscilloscope and found my SCL line reading a constant high. This is obviously something of a bummer to me.

Any general hints on why this might be?


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"Pete, it's a fool looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart." Ulysses Everett McGill.
Do not send technical questions via personal messaging - they will be ignored.

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