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Hello! I am new in this forum! I hope that it's the correct place to ask this!

I want to find/create a visual PC interface to arduino. The specifications:
-Plug and play.
-Free software.
-Analog data measurement.
-Visual graphic XY of the analog.
-Mode recording (maybe SD).
-Diferents inpunt selection.

I was thinking in a opensource program or program my own idea.
I don't kow wich is the best languare: C++, Java, Python, processing, C#....
I was looking some IDE: Visual C, sharpdevelope and netbeans.
And yes,  cheked the arduino info: http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/InterfacingWithSoftware

The most dificul now is the graphic visualitzation...

Any ideas?


Processing is multi-platform & free. You can write code (or maybe there is a plugin) that  can retrieve data from your Arduino so you can visualize it.
Don't PM me for help as I will ignore it.


A few threads under this I posted this software. It does all the stuff you wanted. http://www.simasek.com/index.php/basics  Any feedback will be good.


Ok! very nice options! Thanks everyone!


Interesting program
When trying to install Arduino Visual I follow the tutorial and have following problem while following instructions in common/Installation:
1. Run program & go to Options
2. Set up required parameters to identify OS, PC Name & provide a valid email address
3. Press Install and get a popup box saying "unactivated program"
4. HELP....  Im running Win7


I wrote you an email. Before activation of program  you must fill your PC name in program manager on project homepage. After that you click Activate program. Installation tutorial is now updated.


OK the revised installation procedure works.

This project is only in Beta but looks like it has a lot of possibilities. I'd suggest an improved Subject heading for people to search on like "Simasek a new Arduino Graphical Interface"

I'm now looking at the Button example & trying to match the instructions for the new project with the file button.ico

Strange there seems to be no option to open an existing project - or maybe I've yet to find it.



Thanks for your post. If you mean open dialog window for it has not. You can load your project with filling your name to the specified edit.Name of projects you can find in projects/ folder . Open dialog will be added to project soon.


I have put together a tool a bit like you are talking about http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=185740.0

I am trying to get some interest from the community in it. Let me know if it looks like it may be appropriate for your project.

Cheers Alan

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