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Topic: Looking for a tiny wireless Temperaturesensor, preferable using RFID (Read 3136 times) previous topic - next topic


I hope this is the appropriate sub-forum to post in.

I want to hook my arduino up to a rfid reader to read temperature from temp sensors.
My problem is, that I have not found a suitable sensor yet and am not sure it exists (fully).

Therefore I wanted to ask if anyone knows a wirless temp sensor, which is very small (Diameter < 1cm). It can be rather "long", though. Wireless means it should be able to transfer for 0.4m or something in that range. So I have been looking at RFID sensors / attaching rfid tags to sensor to power them but I don't think it would deliver enough power at that scale. Am I wrong?

Thanks for your time :)!


Google "RFID temperature sensor" for a number of examples.

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