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Over the past few hours I've been having recurring problems with the forum being unable to decide whether I'm logged in or not, or returning looping redirect responses. Am I the only one? The problems seem to be intermittent but frequent, if that makes sense - it took about a dozen attempts to open this section of the forum to see whether anyone else has reported it, and about one attempt in three to post a message fails because "Session verification failed" or "Your session timed out while posting".


I keep getting "cannot open page due to too many redirects" v odd
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Ditto, and it's happened this morning too.

Strange that we are all in the UK?
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Well, as you presumably have determined by now, the whole "forum" system crashed and has been "down" for most of today (at least, "day" where I am), only came back on line recently.

I'd like an explanation of this - it is intermittently faulty in general with the symptom being redirects to mangled URLs with a nonsense "&token=" random garbage appended to the end serving a totally blank page.

This happens not infrequently when I "sleep" a machine with the browser still open, but also on other occasions.  It is clearly some odd programming bungle from something some benighted programmer thought "might be a good idea" on some occasion.  It seems to have cascaded today and brought down the whole system, I do hope they simply remove this behaviour holus-bolus.


Strange that we are all in the UK?

No, "we" are not.  It appears to have crashed sometime around 20:30 2013/11/08 UTC and come back before 10:00 2013/11/09 - give or take an hour or two.  Let me assure you, it affected everyone.


had it too (Netherlands) and  it seems to be solved (for now;)
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As in: Yes, it was half available - if I was not logged in (used a seperate browser where there were no "login-cookies") I could read the Forum. Login attempts or with a "save my login" browser- fail.

Oh, and I was just about to write on the "Arduino.cc reboot: feedback and comment"-thread that in general I felt the site had improved in response and reliability.  :|


More redirect loops an hour or two ago.


Same here. Exactly the same situation 'too many responses etc.'


Redirect loops here at about 0130 UTC 15Nov.

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