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Topic: Is forum.arduino.cc/favicon.ico really supposed to be 359 KB? (Read 4677 times) previous topic - next topic


While the forum was misbehaving over the past few days I did some digging around with HttpFox.  One thing I noticed is that the Favicon -- http://forum.arduino.cc/favicon.ico -- is nearly 360KBytes.  Why is it so huge? Is this a trojan for some platform?

Code: [Select]
fetch http://forum.arduino.cc/favicon.ico
favicon.ico                                   100% of  359 kB  307 kBps

file favicon.ico
favicon.ico: MS Windows icon resource - 14 icons, 48x48, 16-colors

Coding Badly

Why is it so huge?

The answer is in your post...

favicon.ico: MS Windows icon resource - 14 icons, 48x48, 16-colors

The largest is 256 x 256 x 32b.

Interestingly, Internet Explorer does not appear to use any of the icons while Firefox appears to extract what it needs.


Curious design decision to require each user to download over a quarter meg of trash.



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The answer is in your post...

I did not ask how it is so big, but why.
As you've probably guessed from the recent re-design, the Arduino site itself would greatly benefit from the input of people who know how to run a website from a technical perspective. That icon should be about 887 bytes (around 400x smaller in byte size). But then, the site is also serving up over half a Mb of unnecessary bandwidth due to very easily fixable things like compression, expiry etc. See http://www.webpagetest.org/result/131113_12_A73/1/performance_optimization/#compress_text for an example..

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