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Hi guys

I have a problem , I can't get this LED matrix to work with arduino , please see the picture i have try different combination and it still won't work

I am totally new to arduino uno and never done electronic , if you could explain this in simple dummy terms I would very much appreciate your support


Not sure you are following how the breadboard works.

Each line of five radiating from the centre furrow is one connection, but only on that side, while all the lines of five along each side of the board are a single connection - but on that side only.  No internal connection bridges the centre furrow.

So you need to place your display across the centre furrow so that each row of five pins is on one side, and connect the common terminal (there should be two, allowing you to use either) to its respective supply line - positive (Vcc) if it is a "common anode" display and ground if it is a "common cathode" display by using one of the points perpendicular to that supply pin.

You can then try resistors from the outside rail to whichever of the pins correspond to segments, with the other supply wire gong to the same outside rail.


Thank you so much for replying back , I shall work on this today and hopefully get a result , shall reply back on this tread


You need the series resistors for each of the segments.  220 ohm or more!

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