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For my small project with Arduino , I have put 24 7-segment displays in two ways (12 displays by shots) put back to back. Each display should respond by displaying a number each time a signal was transmitted to it . The ideal would be that the display is touch-sensitive , but since to my knowledge, this kind of component does not exist , I'll have to pair it with push buttons for example. If this solution is suitable to programming level, it is nevertheless not very convenient to plug level . I also thought to use two Arduinos placed back to back , each with its own touchscreen. To implement this solution , I will have to share a mini SD card (or something like that) so that each Arduino can access and analyze the results , because in my view the project depends on a number of others!
That's the moment I have no good solution accomplished so am waiting for your suggestions .
Thank you in advance.


Can you explain what you are trying to do better - I don't follow much of what you say
(for instance what's "by shots"?)
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In short, there is there a way to share an SD card between several arduino?

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