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Topic: Activate linear actuator to open and close sliding door on back of house via int (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


Looking for a linear actuator that has the proper mount ears, I can stick to the sliding door BUT,must be free of the door, if opened by hand.  The mounting surface with be stuck with super tough 3M double sticky tape.

I looked online for such a actuator did not find any. I would power it with a motor controler, arduino..and the board responsible to be hooked to a micro web server, so the door can be opened at the other end of a internet connected computer. Door will only open up 4 inches, then 6 inches in the future to let the dog in and out of our rented town house.

If anyone knows of a project like this, or knows where I can find a linear actuator built for this special case, let me know.  Also, I may want to make this solar charged as it eliminates the connection to a outlet.


One way to solve that is using a toothed belt drive located over the door with the door attached to the belt. This is normally used in comercial sliding doors. The drive can either be a gear motor or a stepper.

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