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As far as I know, the new Arduino Tre is based on the same processor as the BeagleBone Black and shares several architectural solutions with it.
Among other similarities, it has an HDMI interface, don't know if it has a micro-HDMI connector or other.

I think it would be reasonable to expect that many users would like to connect Arduino Tre to an old VGA monitor, and they will need a converter.

As far as I know, the BeagleBone Black requires a converter with separate power (via USB cable, for instance). The Raspberry Pi, on the other side, that has an HDMI interface as well, works also with simpler and cheaper converters without external power, and this possibility might be somehow a plus.

It would be desirable, in my opinion, to give Arduino Tre the possibility to connect to a VGA monitor via converters like those for Raspberry Pi, and not only via externally powered converters, like the BeagleBone Black. Unless it already has this possibility. Has it?

Just my two cents.

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