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i have some prbleme wiht this cam(UART Camera Module RS232 ) when i connected it to arduino ,am using the  adafruit library and code

my question is   :why i need  need to remove  MAX3232 chip from this camera only after the receipt of Arduino UNO board.?

and  there's  any solution other  removing this chip
please loock  this site after reply  :



????????????,?????RS232???,?????MAX3232??????,????Arduino UNO????.

The MAX3232 takes 0-5V signal and outputs +- 13.2V. You can only use 0-5V signal on Arduino so remove the chip.

The second picture is pretty clear:


There is an empty foot print for a chip and two jumper wires were soldered on. If you don't order RS232 version by mistake you don't need this step.

Do you have this exact camera?

You need to know this too:


thanks you  for your help  :)
yes i have the same camera ,,i will try to do the same things  in the link that you sent to me
and if i have an other problem i will ask you again :)


I have a few water-proof version of this camera. If you use hardware serial, it's working fine. If you use software serial, too many frames are garbled (10%).

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