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hello there ,
i have successfully  done mouse absolute and relative movement  using arduino leanardo board
i  been using it , but now i want to develop it all by my self  can anyone help how to devolop  leonardo  all by my self on my pcb
so that i  can design H/W fr my requirement .
please someone help me  am doing this  for my collage project .


If you want to develop it by yourself and it is a school project where you are supposed to prove you have the skills, why would you need our help?
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Nico Verduin
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Am very sorry if my request  offended someone  :smiley-slim:, but wat i meant is  i want help in using atmega32u4 on pcb/breadboard and boot loading  it please help me
am developing  a glove using accelometer in it to control mouse pointer the gloves is uncomfortable with  leanardo development board thats why i want to build pcb . 

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