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Hi there.

Can anyone help me please?
I was trying to get the UART interrupt and make a custom IRQ function. After a lot of time i found that CORTEX-A3 works like:

void UART_Handler(void){

I have a problem. Compiling says:
arduino_due_x/variant.cpp:310: multiple definition of `UART_Handler'

It is defined there
// IT handlers
void UART_Handler(void)

How can i overwrite that handler.
Also, can anyone tell me how do i clear flags in the IRQ? Time ago since i dont programm an ARM micro.

Thanks in advance.

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  :0Same problem i am also getting while trying to use UART interrupt...
void UART_Handler(void)
   sr_reg = UART_SR;
 if((UART_SR & 0x0000001) == 0x01)
   recbyte = UART_RHR;
   UART_THR = recbyte;  

Can anybody rectify this error of "multiple definitions of UART_Handler"

Thanks :~


Jan 15, 2014, 04:34 pm Last Edit: Jan 16, 2014, 01:00 am by Collin80 Reason: 1
The problem is that variant.cpp really does define an interrupt handler for the uart. In C/C++ you can't override bare functions, only methods of a class. That last statement is what most people will say and normally is a safe bet. It isn't strictly true. Think of this for a moment: the core will always call serialEvent() when the first serial port gets data. You may or may not actually define such a function. So, why doesn't it fault with a link error if you don't define the function? Because the core has an empty function called serialEvent. But, I said you can't override bare functions. Well, I lied. You can but only with a linker trick. serialEvent shows you this trick. You can define a function as weak and override it with a strong function. (All functions are strong by default - you have to set them as weak)

So, it might be possible to override the core interrupt handlers for serial if you define them as weak:
Code: [Select]

void UART_Handler(void) __attribute__((weak));
void UART_Handler(void)

I have no idea if you can define interrupt handlers as weak or not. But, you are free to try. If it works then you will have edited your copy of the Arduino core and no one else will be able to compile your sketch unless they too edit their core files. In this case perhaps it would be good to bring up this issue on the Arduino developers list and define all interrupt handlers as weak in case a sketch wants to override.

EDIT: I set the versions of the serial interrupt handlers in variant.cpp to weak and made my own. The resulting sketch compiled and the map file suggests that it properly is using the new version. I don't have enough hardware with me right now to actually test but I'm about 95% sure that this method will work perfectly fine. So, have fun.


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