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I was wondering if a arduino board could some how take some data coming in and transport it to excel, basically i have some accelaromitors hooked up to the board and was wondering if i can get that data ploted in to a spreadsheet? thanks for and help



Not tested it myself but I think it works :]


Someone has done that with graphing in real-time and also saving the values to a delimited text file so you can load it up in Excel.


I'm working on a version myself that will do something similar but also be able to configure it by editing text config files, and recording to a binary file for some external signal viewing programs.


If you use processing you can save a file with a .cvs extension to the file name. This will open excell when you double click it.
Note you need some application at the PC end to gather data from the serial port and dump it to a file.


You could log the data to an SD card as a file and then import it into Excel afterwards.

Depends on the application. Do you want it permenantly attached to a computer?



If you just need the data once, or a few times (calibration maybe) wouldn't you just send it via serial and copy it from arduinos serial monitor?

If you need it as an ongoing application you might look into VBA-Scripting inside Excel. That should allow you to access the serial ports.
maybe something like this

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