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Hi All

Im new to arduino, but not to programming and electronics.

Im want to rebuild my motordriven golfbag to automaticly follow me around.

Do you have any ideas on how to do that?
My first idea was IR and an IR camera (maybe the wiimote ?)
But wouldnt the sun interfear ? (i dont want my golfbag to chase the sun ;) ) Maybe the ir sender could send a "code" that the reciever must recognise !?

any ideas on wich  "sensor" would be best?


If you took the heavy battery, motor and wheels off the device, you could sling it over your shoulder, and it is hard to imagine it following any closer than that.
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sy kristina

I'm halfway through a golfbag project of my own. I'm using a wii made wireless to control the speed of the cart, and one of the buttons as cruise control.


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so the robot/bag knows to stop before running down the user

Oh Richard you have spoilt the surprise.  ;)

Yes the sun will be an issue with IR detectors. You could try modulated IR. The best solution could be a GPS receiver on your belt transmitting your position to the bag robot. Then the bag robot has a GPS so it knows where it is and then it can plot a course to you.

P.S. In the UK the term Bag Lady is used to describe a female tramp or bum. So the term Bag Robot might have different meanings in some parts of the world.


Yes the sun will be an issue with IR detectors

Someone should have told this well-known, self-agrandising professor of cybernetics:
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