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Make Your Making More Easy, with Elecrow upgraded PCB Service:

1. Lower price: Elecrow provide high quality PCB service with competitive price. After the upgrading,  Elecrow can provide you top PCB service with even lower price.

2. Production Fee Charged by PCB area: Instead of by PCB length& width, Elecrow charges the PCB by the PCB area, which would save surprisingly money for some PCB designs.

3. Panelizing availabl: Elecrow provides the free Copy Panelizing service for the small batch of PCB production, our engineer will help on the panelizing of PCB for free. Calculated the PCB area and leave a comment to tell us how to panelizing and the total pcs you need, Elecrow will do the rest!
Besides, Elecrow provides the "Different sub-PCB panelizing" service for small batch of PCB production, which would save much money for you especially the PCBs are small. For this kind of panelizing, customer should panelize this by themselves.

4. Color free! No extra charge for Hasl Lead Free: Elecrow provide free color: Blue/Green/Black/Yellow/Red and the Hasl Lead Free surface finish to make the PCB more environment-friendly. Users can directly select the color and pads finish in the order.

5. Supper Fast Shipping: With the Elecrow Shenzhen, it only takes 1~2 days for shipping packages from China to JP,and 1~3 days to North American & Europe.

More than the above points, there are some more upgrading for the PCB Service such as No serial number on the PCB anymore; updates silkscreen, etc. Elecrow invite you have a try of Elecrow PCB Service for your next design!

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