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I can perform a high-quality printed circuit boards design at competitive prices for you. I have an extensive knowledge and experience of multilayer PCB design, working in Altium Designer.

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Out of curiosity, what are competitive prices for PCB design?


Do you have a website? References?
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Please, contact me to get a reference design. I also can perform a calculation for your pcb layout project (i just need a schematic capture or a bill of materials).

Best regards!

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Do you have a website? References?

I find a website (  NexPCB : www.nexpcb.com )  has PCB Layout Design Services.
I think it still needs tech confirming and quotation step by step, although they have three packages with different capabilities.


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 :) I am one of designer from china,our website is www.ourpcbte.com,we have PCB Layout Design Services.
Before choosing, I believe, you still need to communicate through a period of time, to determine whether he is your best partner.
PCB Assembly&design,ourpcbte.com

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