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Hi all. I've come up with a couple constant-current LED drivers that can handle up to 1A and drive multiple LEDs with PWM. I've made a couple prototypes (work well with Arduino ProMicros) and would like to see if anyone is interested in using them for a project or two. If interested, please see http://braxtron.com

Here are the main features:
*Input voltage range 3V-22V
*200mA to 1A constant current output (user-selectable)
*EN/DIM input for Enabling and PWM dimming
*Ultralow shutdown current (40nA @ 5V input)
*Under-voltage lockout

Please feel free to either post here or contact me via email (info braxtron.com) if you have any questions.


Do you have a proposed price in mind? Shipping from where? To where? A recommendation for a suitable power supply?

How bright are they?
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Please see http://braxtron.com for details, price, etc.

They run well off of a single Li-ion or LiPo battery, or USB.  The webpage has videos demonstrating this :)


You should make some remark that this is an inductive driver and much more efficient than linear types.

Have you run any efficiency tests?


Will test the efficiency either today or tomorrow and post results here. 


I just ran some tests with one Cree XM-L T5 LED.  I'll do some more with 2+ LEDs in series, as the data sheet suggests that'll be more efficient:

200mA output

3.7Vin = 89.6% efficient (2.69Vout)
8.0Vin = 76.6% (2.73Vout)
10.4Vin = 73.7% (2.75Vout)

1000mA output

4.1Vin = 72.2% (2.73Vout)
8.0Vin = 69.4% (2.85Vout)
10.4Vin = 67.2% (2.86Vout)

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