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need help!!!

so far i just can an image file only, how can i read multiple image file and display out to tft lcd??

thank you so much if you all can voice out suggestion.


How are you reading one image file? How are you displaying that on the TFT?

Repeating that process for another file should be simple. What did you try? What happened when you ran that code?
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My concept is processing program displays the first in a series of photos named img_00.jpg, img_01.jpg, img_02,jpg, etc.  When the button is pressed an 'n' is sent from the Arduino and the next photo is displayed.  If the last image is on screen it will wrap to the first image.

But referring to the Arduino Robot picture browser, I'm unable to change the environment into arduino uno by don't use arduino robot library. What I have now is the coding for the automatic slideshow coding. The coding has been attach in this reply. I'm using Adafruit ST7735 library.

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