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I'm not sure if my question makes sense. I've written out some statements. Would someone read them and tell me if anything I've written makes some sort of sense and where my understanding is faulty?


Bands are groups of radio frequencies.
Channels are frequency subdivisions of the band over which one data-stream can be sent.

frequency-hopping spread spectrum switches between frequencies/channels.
Why? To increase bandwidth (opposed to using one channel).

Bandwidth is how wide the frequency range over which you are sending data is.. The difference between upper frequency and lower frequency. Wider channels = more data able to be sent (contrary to what I understood what channels are - one data stream). Frequency-hopping spread spectrum overcomes being restricted to one channel thus increasing bandwidth.

Channels are regulated by government and they can only have a set "width." Different bands have different widths but only because it is regulated, not by nature. The 5.8GHz band is labelled as 'wifi' and has a regulated width of '40MHz.' the 2.4GHz band is also labelled 'wifi' and has a regulated width of '22MHz.' That is why 5.8 is faster than 2.4.

That is what the frequency-hopping spread spectrum technique was developed. To overcome regulation and increase "bandwidth" and therefore speed. Additionally, since channels overlap, by spreading the communication, less data is lost.
This is how modems and routers work. High bandwidths modem does not mean it has one giant channel (because channel width is regulated). It has the capacity to 'switch' between a wide range of frequencies and therefore increase speed.


Is everything I wrote above coherent and does it make sense?
Where can I find information for where bands 'begin' and 'end' and their channel width and how many channels there are?
The reason I asked this question is because I was unable to find it so I may be misunderstanding something.

Thank you very much in advance!

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