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I just got an Arduino for the sole purpose of controlling multiple strands of EL wire


I didn't manage to get that schematic to work in the end - I was on a deadline so ended up switching two power supplies - really inefficient I know, but time beckoned. Can anybody else shed some light as to why the schematic didn't work?


By the way, I found this on sparkfun:


Its called the EL Escudo and is a shield for the Arduino.
Seems to do exactly what I want, although it is limited to having only 2 of the el wires active (or all of them) at the same time.
I may purchase it and see how it works.


I'd like to point out that others have reported the library that SFE supplies simply doesn't work. I'm using the EL Sequencer (non-shield) which has the Arduino bootloader on it. I have very little weekend time, but I'll try to keep you updated.

As for only being able to turn 2 wires on at a time, that's a pretty easy fix: Just turn them on and off, very quickly. Think POV.


I was having trouble switching el wire using triacs and optocouplers but I did have success using a solid state relay.


in tomski's picture it sure looks like the resistor is Red,Red,Red 22x10^2 = 2.2k Ohm but that blue wire next to it is in parallel so the resistor acts like it isn't even there.

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