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Hello, I have a project consisting of multiple Arduinos communicating with each other through XBee wireless shields.  I would like to use my computer as another player in the network.  I have a Java GUI using the RXTX library that can talk to the Arduinos.

Here's the catch.  The wireless shield the XBee is mounted on has a switch that toggles between MICRO and USB.  On the USB setting the the Arduino talks perfectly fine with the Java GUI but doesn't use the wireless connection.  On the MICRO setting (which is for micro SD cards though I'm not using one) the GUI will 'hear' everything the Arduino write to Serial but it can't write anything to Serial and the Arduino communicates with all the other Arduino through the XBee wireless connection.

My question is whether or not there's a way to cut out the switch so the Arduino will listen to both the USB connection and the wireless XBee?  Or some programming function that can toggle back and forth between settings?

All of your help and comments will be greatly appreciated.  If you think this is the wrong place to be asking this please let me know and I will move it.  Thank you.


On the MICRO setting (which is for micro SD cards though I'm not using one)

No, it isn't. The switch controls whether the XBee is connected to the hardware serial pins or not. In the USB position, it is not, and the USB connection can upload new sketch. In the MICRO position, the microprocessor (the Arduino) is connected to the XBee.

You should say something about which of the many XBee shields you are using, as well as the type of XBees you are using.
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Thanks for the reply I am using a Series 1 XBee on a standard Arduino Wireless SD shield (hence my belief about the micro SD card).  You say that the switch controls whether or not the Arduino is physically connected to the pins but even with the switch is turned to micro (and the Serial pins disconnected) the computer will still receive messages from the Arduino, the Arduino just won't hear messages from the computer.


OK, I've solved the problem.  Just removed the microprocessor from the board and left the switch on USB.

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