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Does anybody know a way to capture nice screen-shots
in the Due, from the CTE display buffer, and then get the
bitmap data to the PC?

Yes, a camera would work, but a nice screen-capture
would sure be nice.  Maybe a new function for the
UTFT library?

If it read a row or column of pixels at a time, it might
not be too memory intensive.

Is there a "read pixel color" function in UTFT now?

Cheers, Gary



I would also like to hear the outcome of this question!

I Don't currently have a CTE display yet, funds being one issue, but not the biggest deciding factor. Have you seen the new CTE display with frame buffer? Sufficient to pre-draw 8 screens in buffer memory for almost 'instant' screen draw!


Now if Henning decides to support this, I would suspect 'proper' screen captures would be possible with this thing, and I would like one for the 'pre-draw' capability...

However, what I actually came here to ask you was prompted by something I am trying to do with DUEGUI. Since you have various/several CTE displays, I wondered if you would be so kind as to supply me with the FONT IC font sizes, such as BVS_34, BVS_28. I understand the suffix to be pixel height, but what about width? Any help you could offer would be much appreciated!

Thanks and regards,

UTFT_SdRaw now included in library manager!! ;) High speed image drawing from SD card to UTFT displays for Mega & DUE.
UTFT_GHL - a VASTLY upgraded version of UTFT_CTE. Coming soon to a TFT near you! 8) Shipping April 1 2016!

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