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Did anyone make the library for nRF24L01+ run on the Arduino DUE? I've tried both the Mirf and RF24 libraries.

I've tried for several days, but didn't find anyone who made it work and also uploaded the code.

If you got the code/solution could you please give me either:
- Some guidance to make the code work.
- A link to the code.
- Or send the code to my e-mail: mandrupdaniel@hotmail.com

Thank you! - ZIKUZI :-)


Hello friend,

I guess you are a noob as well. First, I want to clarify something, try to follow the forum guidelines. Use the "search" function the top right corner of the page. Second, here is your probable answer http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=171611.0
Here is the library https://github.com/gcopeland/RF24
Read this for more details. http://maniacalbits.blogspot.in/

Hope it will be helpful to you. Happy tinkering.
Cheers :)
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I have been searching for a few weeks now, trying to find a way to get the nRF24L01+ modules to work with the DUE.  I'm honestly to the point I am getting ready to just stop working with the DUEs all together, due to the minimal amount of support, references, documentation, etc...  Let me know if you figure it out!

That was a very arrogant response...
I am new to working with Arduinos, but not new to electronics, nor programming...  I have been personally been searching this subject for a couple of weeks now, to no avail.

Just to provide you with some additional clarification, none of what you posted is useful - I cannot get a program to compile with those libraries on the due, while they compile just fine for my Uno and Mega.  Also, the pins are different, and the due has multiple ISPs, unlike the Uno or Mega... Which one do you use?  How do you set it up in the program? ...

If anyone has any info for using an nRF24L01 device on a DUE, and/or it's libraries for the DUE, it would be greatly appreciated if you shared!



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There is a post on page 3 on this thread:

posted by: kemonine http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?action=profile;u=174386

with an updated nRF24L01 lib for the DUE:

He states he has tested the ping function, but I still can't get it to compile for me.


Sorry man, I never meant that. I am a noob as well, that's why I said so. I am earnestly sorry if I hurt anyone. My apologies.
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."


Thanks for the apology, even though your statement wasn't directed at me.  It's just very frustrating having responses like that.  I have been trying to search for answers for this topic for a while now.  It's frustrating not being able to find any answers...

I find it very weird that the programs will compile just fine for the Uno, and Mega, but will not work at all for the DUE.  It throws multiple compiler errors - try just to compile/verify one of those example files from the library you posted for the DUE.  The first error I get is for the printf.h library - I primarily program out of VB, so I am learning C again, and I don't completely understand why it compiles for the Uno/Mega with no problems, but won't work for the DUE.

I'm thinking about creating my own library for it, but I just really don't want to waist a bunch of time on it if there's one already out there...


I find it very weird that the programs will compile just fine for the Uno, and Mega, but will not work at all for the DUE.

I find it entirely expected, the Due uses a totally different processor with different
compiler toolchain and is 32 bit rather than 8 bit native.  Furthermore the SPI hardware
is utterly different (which is relevant to driving the nRF24L01+) with some tricky aspects
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I used the following: https://github.com/mcrosson/RF24/tree/due

BUT, I had to re-write the GettingStarted code as attached.


Thanks '--Fox--' !! work for my.

Do you know how to operate RF24Network library, with Arduino DUE  ??, I can not run.


Hi Alexneu,

May I know how do you connect your nRF24L01+ to your Arduino use that lib.

Thanks a lot!


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