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Can you PLEASE make a "Pro mini" version of the Arduino Ethernet. One that will fit into a standard perfborad, like the Arduino Pro Mini, and not use the stupid :smiley-roll-blue: "standard shield" pins of the Arduino.

I make permanent installations and prefer to solder standard headers on a perfboard and mount the Arduino on top of the perfboard and lay out my other components next to it on the board, and fitted in a box.

Not as small as the Pro mini of course, but large enough to fit the RJ45 jack, W500 and what ever.
The point is: Make it fit a standard 0.1 inch perfboard!

I have searched the web for any clones, but all brag about being "sheild compatible" ,but i don't want that!.
Because of the large RJ45 jack, most shields won't fit properly anyway.

Oh yea: And more I/O pins would also be nice, since many of the pins on the Arduino Ethernet is taken by the Ethernet and SD-card reader.


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