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I have one, but I have yet to put it together. From videos I have seen, it has a bit of slop, but nothing too extreme (certainly no more or less than the Armatron!). Good luck with getting an encoder put in place; I have yet to hear anybody being successful doing so; you can't incorporate your own motors because the motors included form the structure of the robot. People have gotten it connected to the Arduino, though...
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Interesting..I may read up on it a bit then.  Was just cruising for some parts on ebay when I came across it.  Surprised, expected a reply saying it is complete crap..

I've been fiddling with the idea of using a robotic arm or xy table (ala cnc) to paint (using oils or acrylics) with an actual brush.. decoding JPEG into say, 32 colors, and premixing (or even automixing!) the paints.. to function a lot like a plotter, but a lot lower resolution.  May be just a pipe dream, but pretty sure it would be possible and fun to try.

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