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Topic: arduino + eeepc(windows) + Xively ----- easiest way to do ? (Read 912 times) previous topic - next topic


Hi all,

aftersearching for long time without real easy solution I post here for your support.

I want to use my arduino uno connected by USB to an old eeepc (win 95) connecting with Wireless lan to my router and finaly send the datas of temperature (DS1820) to internet logger like Xively or divehub.net.
I find lot of examples with an Ethernet shield or Wifishield, but I don't want to use it.

Could you share the easiest/fastest way to proceed for a newbie like me (and others I'm sure) ?

Thanks in advance to the community


u need a serial proxy


arduino <> USB <> [ eepc  + SERIALPROXY]  <> network <> internet

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