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Hi, I am thinking of using arduino in pressurized condition.
I want to put a proximity sensor with arduino in that pressurized condition.
But, the pressure would be Max. 200 bar.
Can arduino and proximity senser would work in this kind of condition?


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200 bar! Are you sending an Arduino to the bottom of the Puerto Rico Trench?

I would think that at least some components would implode, for example electro caps.

Why does everything have to be under pressure, are you not allowed to pierce the vessel or something?
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I want to put a proximity sensor with arduino in that pressurized condition

Difficult to imagine an environment big enough at that pressure that would permit anything to get far enough away to not trigger the sensor!   ;D
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Thank you very much.
This is a drawing that illustrates my idea.
I want to get that flat steel plate to have that convex in the middle by using high pressure.
But, the height of that convex has to be regulated to a specific height.
That's why i was thinking of using proximity sensor to measure it.
But, it seems that arduino and proximity or any other electronic device can't be worked in that condition.
There must be some other way to measure that height of convex, but I don't know how.


Use a laser and a photodiode? Encase all that in persplex and shine a laser at the specific height required for the convex.

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