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I was hoping to use the remaining digital pins as inputs for a mock alarm system using switches with pull-up resistors on pins 0-3, maybe 12 &13 too.  I was going to use the display to draw the house perimeter and use text as status updates (secure/alarm).


Any unused digital pin is available for your use, but the GLCD library uses them in blocks of four which is why 0-3 is not available. You are free to use 2-3 or 12-13 for other things.

have fun!


Sorry for the bump, first post here etc.
First off: thanks for making my almost-forgotten LCD useful again. Very handy for prototyping products, basic user interfaces etc.

My model is a Crystalfonts CFAG12864B-TMI-V and I was also having trouble with garbled output. The timing was the problem and the "nops"-trick was the solution. I'm now using 37 nop's, giving 6 FPS which is more than enough for my application.

Thanks again for the great library!

Nick Fury

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I bought one of the KS0108 LCDs from sparkfun.  To get it working I had to add about 40 "nop\n\t" to delay450ns in the ks0108.cpp file.  My frame rate is somewhere around 6FPS now.

I hope that helps some people.


My display from Crystalfontz, CFAG12864ISTITN, works at 6FPS now; though I assumed it was working well --until I now notice that the example output is on opposite sides! So I drew a line from 0,0 to 128,64 which shows that the x axis origin starts in the middle of the screen and then wraps around back to the middle! Does anyone have advice on what to do next or what I've done wrong?

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