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I had already downloaded a zip file with the exact same name as the one on the link you provided but
I don't remember where I got it. When I unzipped it into the Hardware folder it was missing:
Prospective boards.txt
\Bootloaders (folder)
so I downloaded the one at the link you recommended and it had all the missing files/folders but the
exact same filename  and approx file size. I deleted the first one I had installed and installed the one
from the link you gave me and then did only "UPLOAD" to see if it changed the LED delay time and
it did. The delay was 8 times longer. Indicating that it reconfigured the IDE to run code for a device
with an 8Mhz clock. Once I confirmed this, went ahead and did BURN BOOTLOADER and the led
stopped flashing. Assuming this was normal and all it needed was a reset I just loaded the Blink
example using UPLOAD, the led came on flashing the correct 1000ms interval , indicating that the
internal 8Mhz clock was activated and running.
Thank you for all your help. I am now going to see if I can get TinyWire or ArduinoDebugInputKnockBang
to work, or any other communication or serial programs I can find for the ATtiny85.
Arduino UNOs, Pro-Minis, ATMega328, ATtiny85, LCDs, MCP4162, keypads,<br />DS18B20s,74c922,nRF24L01, RS232, SD card, RC fixed wing, quadcopter


I followed the instructions here:

See attached screenshot of my terminal program reading the tiny output to a TTL-RS232 adaptor module
(simple MAX232 circuit I got for $5 on eBay).  I have an RS232 to USB cable from RadioShack plugged
into the adaptor module which uses a different comm port (in Device Manager) than my Arduino UNO
USB used to upload programs to the tiny85. tiny pin -3 (chip pin-2) is rx, and tiny pin-4 (chip pin-3)
is tx. I still need to test serial input to the tiny but at least I have debug serial out , thanks to you.
I'm on my way now...
Arduino UNOs, Pro-Minis, ATMega328, ATtiny85, LCDs, MCP4162, keypads,<br />DS18B20s,74c922,nRF24L01, RS232, SD card, RC fixed wing, quadcopter


Thanks Fungus, just off to try the 20mhz now !

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