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thank you cr0sh and zoomkat  for your reply :) 


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Per the below the arm project seems ton be moving along. Still no arm parts scale drawings, but the bottom arm assembly guide provided good detail of the arm.



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Per the below the arm project seems ton be moving along. Still no arm parts scale drawings, but the bottom arm assembly guide provided good detail of the arm.

It's strange; this assembly guide looks better than the first iteration they supplied me - which I then added some better descriptions and such and sent back - but it still seems strange in one area (and very similar to the original one I was supplied):

They first describe how to build the base (steps 1-5), then jump to building the controller and vacuum holder (steps 6-21), then jump to building the shoulder (steps 22 and 23), then the arm (step 24-36); at step 37 - they start to attach the controller/pump to the shoulder/arm portion, then at steps 38-39 attach the arm to the base, then finish up the suction piece.

Now, this is better than the instructions I got - but it still seems slightly "wrong" (but not having an arm to play with, I can't really tell). What I don't understand, is why it doesn't go base (1-5), shoulder/arm (22-36), then controller/vacuum holder (6-21), then attachment (37-39). It would seem to me that this would be a more logical progression...?

Unless some part gets in the way of the other - not sure. Again, I don't have the parts or such for one of these arms, so maybe it does. Also again, this assembly manual is better than the version I had, where the diagrams weren't as clear, nor the descriptions, and the assembly sequence was more seemingly haphazard.

Overall, I'd say they did a fairly good job of updating it.

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http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:407800  <<Here are STL files for a 3D printed version I made in sketchup based on a picture of the uArm parts. Since then they have released a STEP file you can find that here: http://www.thingiverse.com/download:609566

The Lite Arm is different in many ways than the uArm, one of those changes is in rectifying the "side wobble"  the others are reinforcements and cosmetic design changes that are only possible to be constructed in 3D printing and CNC.
Lite Arm is almost Identical in construction, uses the same hardware, bearings, etc. It should also work with their (uarm) software which should also be included in the zip download link above.
This project is fully open source and all the Sketchup CAD files are free to download and modify. I have also included the Sketchup8 software. (which is freeware)
I tried contacting the UF team a while back on their website because I wanted to be a part of their awesome project but they never responded to me, this made me a little indifferent to them, I also thought that they may have ran a scam on KS because they dropped off the planet for awhile. I reverse engineered their arm as best I could (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:320004) , then I decided to take my own design liberties and made it my own. (http://www.thingiverse.com/download:609566 )
They did not run a scam after all and they finally released the files and software for laser cut parts. (http://www.ufactory.cc/downloads.html)
If they want to contact me I am still interested in working with them in taking the project to the next level.


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What I think is needed to be of use to those interested in the arm design is to publish the parts plans as .pdf files. I down loaded the 364 mb draftsight program to try to print out full size patterns of the arm parts from the CAD files, and that was not successful. Many school settings where kids would be interested in making the arms do not have software to access the CAD files, and do not have laser cutters to use with the CAD files. Printable full size parts patterns could be used to lay out the pattern on thin plywood, then a hand coping saw could be used to cut out the parts.

Edit: below is the post where I posted my attempt at getting the arm parts to print out full size pattern from a .pdf file.

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If your going to get into design I suggest you learn CAD the most simple program on earth is Google Sketchup and it is free. You can download it from my thingiverse release along with the arm design already created in that program. I'll make it dead simple for you
Google sketchup 8 Mac and PC:
The arm in SKP (sketchup) format:

If you want parts you can print them on a 3D printer with this link to the files:

If you want to buy 3D printed Parts:

You should be able to publish line drawings in sketchup as well but I am done working on hardware (3 months of my life already invested) I am moving on to software now.

Edit 8/13/14
The parts on ebay sold right after I posted this so it's going to take a couple of days for more parts to be made. If you want a set let me know and ill add it to the print queue. 


I'll make it dead simple for you

Not quite. I've looked some and have not found a clean solution of being able to generate printable scale .pdf parts drawings from the CAD files. I down loaded draftsight and it is somewhat of a challenge.
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How to convert Google Sketchup drawings to scale .pdf plans... part 1.   :smiley-eek:

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I'll make it dead simple for you

I guess by dead simple I meant here are the specific links to download SKP8 etc. instead of me listing the steps of what to do.

Great follow up video, I watched all three parts.

Check out page 4 of this PDF the parts are all laid out they just need to be scaled up.

I did the scale based on the size of the servo technical drawings/paper

You can scale in Sketchup
Hope this is helpful



      Think I might keep my eye on this, very interesting  will the hardware be available to buy!! on it's own??


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The U Factory uArm can be pre-ordered here:

The Lite Arm (a compatible 3D printed iteration) will be available on first come first serve basis on eBay. My seller acct. is "armatecgroup" the production schedule is as follows:
I'm printing another Arm now, but that will be sold as a kit, once that one goes I can produce a complete model for sale. I have a complete arm now but I need it for software testing and development. Price will be in the same ball park as the uArm (upper $200 range) until I can order parts wholesale. The kits I make are only $50 with shipping. The designs are open source so I expect others will also start coming up for sale online as well.


uArm files converted to SVG files on thingiverse:

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