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Topic: Unable to use Ethernet and SD at the same time on DUE, but on UNO it works fine (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


I found a set of tutorials including this one at http://startingelectronics.com/tutorials/arduino/ethernet-shield-web-server-tutorial/SD-card-web-server/ and loaded it straight into a UNO, where it worked fine with a genuine Arduino Ethernet shield. If I load exactly the same code into a DUE, it does not work.

I tried adding some serial strings to help debug, and it looks like it runs the 'setup' routine fine, and starts the 'loop' routine ... but it never detects a client calling into it, so never replies.

Any ideas ?


Hello nakedsensor,
UNO and DUE have different micro-controllers (AVR and SAM3X), thus, internally they work also differentlyand use different libraries. Please, look at the following thread.


There, in my reply #7 you will find a code that works OK for a DUE and an Ethernet shield. Good luck!


Thanks Palliser !

I may stick with the UNO for this project anyway, but at least I understand that it is not my fault !

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