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I needed an replacement for the EEPROM library on Arduni Due since it does not have EEPROM at all. Flash memory can be used in a similar so I created a library with the idea to have a similar syntax as the EEPROM library. More info at http://sebastiannilsson.com/en/blogg/ersattare-for-eeprom-pa-arduino-due/
and code at https://github.com/sebnil/DueFlashStorage

Code: [Select]

// write the value 123 to address 0

// read byte at address 0
byte b = dueFlashStorage.read(0);

Perhaphs it will be useful for someone else.


What happens to the data when you load a new sketch?
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It will unfortunately empty the stored data. I have not found a way of not making that happen.


I hope they decide to add an EEPROM I2C chip to the next board revision...
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