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Hi guys!

Sebastien Lelong from Jallib team had and idea about how to parasite an Arduino board.

Look here (the idea presentation), here (Arduino pin mapping) and here (first trial).

What do you think (in a constructive way, of course)?  :P


Tim Williams

Interesting hack, but I do have to wonder, why? If I wanted to use arduino shields with a PIC (not a bad idea BTW) why not simply build the PIC board from the ground up to use the pinout of the board rather than shoe-horn the processor onto a daughter board. You could shoot for commonality of parts to be sure but, if you have to design (a rather large) daugther board, why not forgo the mess of two boards and simply make one larger board. Now, if you used a very small footprint PIC so that it would essentially fit the DIP socket, you might be onto something.


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I just had a quick read, and couldn't see why you'd want to do this (plug a PIC daughterboard into an Arduino in place of the ATmega). If you can make a PCB with a PIC on it, why not make a PIC-based PCB that's directly compatible with Arduino shields?


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We have such boards (Pinguino, FreeJALduino) but here can be many reasons of why to do this:

- you have already an Arduino and fitting an 18F25k22 is more easy this way, because soldering a FTDI chip can be impossible for many.
- you cross develop and want to quickly test between the two platforms.
- you have a bricked ATmega and also have PIC background.
- you are bored by your Arduino?
- you are designing a "pure" Arduino board based on 18F25K22 and want to test the concept...
- you don't want to make another complex board as is an Arduino clone...
- you want to enter inside PIC world without giving up on your Arduino board (psychologically, can be helpful).
- just for fun

Add your own reasons  :D


Leon Heller

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It's got a USB interface on the chip, and there are no availability problems?
Leon Heller

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