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Hello guys,

I have a question and I would like some help. I am trying to use the Arduino Mega board to control 4 DC motors . the motors I am using are 12V 5280 RPM. The current we are pulling using these motors could be up to 30 A with max load.

My question is , can I use the dc motor shield to control these 4 motors with such high current? if not, what are the alternatives I have ?



can I use the dc motor shield to control these 4 motors with such high current?

The way this question is phrased, one would think that there was only one dc motor shield made. That not being the case, you need to be more specific in defining which dc motor shield you are talking about.

Typically, though, the kind of current you are talking about will fry most motor controller boards. There are controllers that will handle that current, but they tend to be expensive. If you paid less than about $200 US for yours, and it doesn't have massive heat sinks on it, it most likely won't handle the current.

if not, what are the alternatives I have ?

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dc motor sheild that can support 30 ampere current?
wow does such a thing exist ?
i would rather build a hbridge which would cost many times lesser
here is an example circuit which can handle 10 ampers current
you should develop something which can handle 30 ampere current based on the same principle
if you want us to tell anything first post the link of where you got it or the datasheet
-hope this helps  :)


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if not, what are the alternatives I have ?

If you only need the motors to run in one direction you might be able to use some logic level MOSFETs in parallel to control the motors. If you need the motors to run in both directions, then you need an H-bridge.
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