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Yes that is the static dissipation. As mentioned before at the point of switching over it is more than this which is only a problem if you are switching it on and off rapidly like with PWM.

Note that is not a logic level FET and you need a gate voltage of at least 10V to turn it on that hard.


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It will be with PWM, so I've gone and got some heatsinks.
To solve the 10V issue, I plan to use some 2n3904 transistors to drive them on / off,  so it'll be 5V on to the base, which will have 12V at it's emitter and the gate of the MOSFET at it's collector..


That will turn the MOSFETs off quickly, but not On quickly.
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Define quick?
I'd still get a slow down in speed if I was switching them say fastest 400ms timebase (so 50% duty cycle = 200ms On period)?

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