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These are 2 different types of compasses built with Processing to be used with Arduino.



NIce demo, is the code available?
Rob Tillaart

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Thanks for you comment. Sorry it took me a few days to answer; but I have been very busy and had no chance to clean up the code before posting it.
Well, I made another video with the code for the circular compass which is the most difficult one. In reality, this code is the base for many other circular indicators I have built so far, like Gauges and Galvanometers. I used two different methods to achieve rotation to show them as examples of how it can be done, using both, low level instructions and high level ones like rotate() and translate(), which I think are unique of Processing.
Hope you enjoy it and find it useful. The code is there.
I spotted a little problem with the mapping function since this is a complete  360 deg rotation and  I have to double check. I have to try and see how it works with an infinite rotation variable.


Nice.  Is the code available ?
I would like to use it in a dual-GPS heading indicator.


You can try this one which is about the same. You need to clean up the code a little bit though.
here is the code:
and here is the video;

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