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Merry Christmas Eve! (another 12+ hours to Christmas yet)

Some of those are pretty funny - got to  wonder if the English to other language translations work out to be just as misconsrtued 8)
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It is not only the Chinese.
I was walking once in Switzerland and on a farm gate was the message:-
"Please close the fence door"

My son invented that the night before Christmas eve was called Hominar and it ins now celebrated in an increasing number of pubs in the North of England.

Merry Christmass everyone.


The OP picture is just an advertisment if you need to buy a 8 by 12 meter "postcard" for the one you truly love. And including your won text is probably free.


Merry Christmas


<suitable greeting from the Southern Hemisphere where it's the middle of summer>
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<suitable greeting from the Southern Hemisphere where it's the middle of summer>

What is it called when you are on the equator? I think it must be winter, in which case they must have two of them a year!


"Dry season" - but there are two per year, so "Christmas in July" feels the same.

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