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I received my MagJack RJ45 Ethernet connector, it is called:
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Bel Stewart Magjack Ethernet SI-50152 for SB5100 SB5101

but I failed to find a datasheet which says which pin is associated to what!

could anyone please help to find out where such information could be found?


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Thank you very much!!!

But in the datahseet the pins are placed regularly, as in every datasheet...but on my part as you see on the photo, pins are grouped into a 3 and 5 set. I can't find out which is P1, P2...

Also, there seems to be one pin more than it must be!

There is a set of 8 as usual (in two groups), then two sets of 2 pins, which must be for two LEDs, and then beside one of the 2-gropu, one additional pin I don't know about.

It is not like what is on the datasheet :(


Well cut a piece off UTP cable cut the connector on one side, stip the wires and start measuring with a multimeter.
The 3 and 5 at the front will be the 8 data lines. the two at the back will be one led. Then three at the back I think the to at the edge will be the other led.


Fortunately I could get out a small transparent sticker which was on the bottom close to the pins, and now I can measure with multimeter without need of a cable and wires.

Could you please tell me what should I read on the voltmeter when touching pins?


measure resistance with it, if it's anything less than infinity it's a contact
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Ok, and the resistance tells which pin is what? Do they must have special resistance? like, x-ohm for y-pin, etc.?

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