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I', quite new with Arduinos. I would like to create a small CAN bus networtk with (as a start) 3 Arduino Mega 2560 R3. I could see all the shield in the market are ready for Arduino UNO. Is there any CAN shield for the MEGA?

If I have to use one developped for Arduino UNO, what do you  think about the Seeed Studio CAN Shield?. How can I wire this shield to the Arduino Mega?



Most if not all shields are "upward compatible" from UNO to MEGA 2560.

This of course does not apply in reverse to shields specifically designed for the MEGA.


Hi Paul,

Here are the answer for my question from Jaycon System:

The Can Bus shield will not work with the Mega because the SPI pins are different to an UNO.
> You would have to edit the library to use a software SPI (Big Bang
> method) or run wires from the ICSP connector of the mega.

My question is: wich pins I have to wire between Mega and CAN Shield?



If I leave you to figure out which are the SPI pins in each case, here are the pinouts.

The shield in question was apparently designed for the earlier versions of Arduino, not the current "R3" version of either UNO or MEGA 2560.



Any new information on how to connect the Seeed Studio CAN Shield to a MEGA2560 R3. Do you just mount them on top of each other.

would you please direct me to where I can get the library from? Do I need to modify anything?
I like to connect two of them together and do a test.



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